Fri Sep

5 tips on how to run a Sacco efficiently

Make sure your members are participants and have a voice .Member participation is essential for effe...
Wed Nov

A Small Start Leads to Big Changes

CARE first came to Chipanga, a village in central Malawi, in 1999 to introduce women to savings and...
Fri Jun

banking the unbanked

Banking the unbanked Up until recent years, it has generally been considered a Herculean task to...
Tue Jun

Empowering women through Savings grouos

Empowering women through savings groups Empowering women means, at its core, providing women with s...
Thu Jun

Financial inclusion

Financial inclusion through savings groups Over two billion adults worldwide do not have access to...
Fri Jun

Resilient new normal for savings groups

Creating a Resilient New Normal for Savings Groups I can’t recall how many stories I have heard, or...