Cobba Model

Integrate existing saving groups into a data system with KYC designed to capture extensive data

Offer access to relevant financial services and products beyond financial inclusion including banks, micro-lenders, insurance companies, pension schemes, NGO’s etc.

Map out economic activities with critical mass across groups and identify those with exponential growth potential

Create value chains with strategic partners that starts from raw material, processing, technology, quality control to market

Engage savings groups to join the value chains, build capacity to ensure quality outputs and market guarantees

Launch world-class products in selected value chains and sign up groups as mini production units integrating them in the value chains.

eCOBbA platform is built to enable plug-ins by various financial inclusion parties to sustain the ecosystem.

Convenient practical marketplace for community groups, micro-finances, Agri-trade associations, SME associations, lenders, cooperatives, saving schemes to optimize their accessibility and growth
Automated / Immediate access to funds, streamlined loans, payment processes, and an enabled financial inclusion ecosystem.