Masila. Makau

5 tips on how to run a Sacco efficiently

Make sure your members are participants and have a voice .Member participation is essential for effective and efficient governance. All members should have a voice in the decision-making process either directly, or through the organs that represent them. Such participation should be free of intimidation, duress or undue influence.

The different organs and officials shall endeavor to reach a consensus agreement on all matters critical to the SACCO’s operations. This will be achieved through a participatory approach, transparent systems and operations, and full accountability to all members. People in power should be open to different points of view.


2) Transparency and accountability is key
All processes, decisions and relevant information should be transparent and accessible to all those concerned. Governance organs should hold regular meetings regarding the SACCO’s affairs. In this respect, the Board/Committee and its Sub-Committees should meet at least once a month, while the General Meeting should be held at least once a year and in any case not later than 3 months following the close of the SACCO’s financial year. For issues that require special resolution, like changing bylaws, all members should be invited.
Similarly, the Supervisory/Audit Committee should meet regularly to provide effective supervision of the SACCO’s operations and general business.
A well run SACCO also has the decision makers accountable to immediate supervisors, higher organs and the members.


3) Be efficient and effective 
The SACCO’s governance organs should have policies, processes and procedures that produce results that meet the needs of members. This will help the SACCO’s resources be used efficiently.


4) Focus on your SACCO’s growth and your members 
Governance organs should aspire to focus their efforts on SACCO growth, both in size and operations. Continued growth will eventually result into the SACCO’s survival and sustainability in the long term.
All members should have equal opportunity to benefit from the SACCO’s services. The members should feel like they’re being treated fairly at all times without discrimination


5) Have a digital platform to help with the above 
SACCO’s have multiple functions that they need to regulate efficiently and monetary transactions to record. A digital platform helps a SACCO provide transparency and visibility to all members while also providing information on the daily activities inside the SACCO. A digital platform should allow a SACCO to disburse loans, make reports, collect fines and fees, add new members, payment of shares and provide many other features. It should also be accessible via web platform or app so that all members can use it at any time.