eCOBbA-The best way to manage your savings group!

Integrate existing savings groups into a data system with KYC designed to capture extensive data businesses.Cobba AI is build to optimize data science and provide accurate analysis and predictions

What we do

Digitize Communities

Digitize village community savings and lending processes, from group KYC (members information) to process and procedures undertaken by groups

Data Collection

Optimize data science to provide accurate analysis and predictions that will help users create a solid financial footprint.

Value Addition

Integrate value addition services and products for the groups/members to access including financial management knowledge, micro insurance products and capacity building.

Ecobba is a platform built to support all kinds of savings and investment groups, from SACCOS organizations to informal community societies like Chamas, ViCoBa, Stokvels and the likes, eCOBbA understands your needs

Irene Kiwia -Founder,Ecobba.

How to sign up on Ecobba

Begin access to micro-financial products like savings, loans and insurance, and use data-driven science to give access to more products through credit scoring and profiling, grow your ecosystems, expand products and services and create wealth.

1. Register for free.
Sign up online or in our app or USSD for free. All you need is a phone number or an email address.

2. Set up your information.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and set up your account.

3. Add your group members
Fill in more information about the group to activate the group.

4. Fill in group history information.
Fill in the details of your group members (name and phone numbers or emails). And they will get a notification that they have been invited to your group and that they should sign up.

5. Conduct group activities.
Continue with normal group activities. The platform has all features needed to allow you to save, request for loans, communicate and transact!

6. Enjoy being in the ecosystem.
Enjoy your new finance management tool by learning, accessing more products and services and showcasing products in the marketplace.

Why we do it

To drive industrilization via saving groups

Lack of financial services for the informal sector and products to grow their savings portfolios hinders transformation

The informal sector remains stagnant with minimal growth due to lack of capacity, access to resources, low competitiveness and access to markets.

There is minimal data around savings groups as the majority of the practice is conducted via manual channels of transactions with no record-keeping hindering members from substantial growth.

Uncoordinated efforts towards economic empowerment for the informal sector.

The features you will love















1. A saving group with few members

2. A big SACCO with hundreds/thousands of members

3. An association or cooperative with various groups

4. An institution like a bank or microfinance with various members

A safe and convenient way for group saving and investment!

Market Place

Convenient practical marketplace for community groups, micro-finances, Agri-trade associations, SME associations, lenders, cooperatives, saving schemes to optimize their accessibility and growth

Join Ecobba and start the journey in building a digital financial footprint

Frequently Asked Question

What does Ecobba stand for

Ecobba stands for online community-based banks.

What is Ecobba’s mission?

To drive industrialization via the informal sector in community-saving groups.

What if I’ve forgotten my password?

If you're logged out and you forget your password, you'll need to reset it. To do this

1.Click on forgot password

2. And click the send password reset link

How do I access my account if I have forgotten the email I used to open my account?

Please email us at and we will help you regain access to your account.

How can I change my email address?

Once you’ve logged in and taken to the dashboard

1.Click on Profile

2.Click on the edit profile button

3. Then you update your “new email”

4.And then save it by clicking on the Update profile button

Blogs & Newsletters

6 days ago

<p>There are many reasons why a savings group should go digital. One of these is the comfort level when it comes to accessing mobile financial services.&nbsp; The unbanked masses in Africa are also very dependent on savings groups for their credit.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>In times of crisis, savings groups should start adopting digital channels that can minimize human contact. This is the reason why m-Pesa is such a success story. On top of being very innovative they are more secure and have a better experience when it comes to transferring money than an average savings group because of integrating with technology that is easy to use.</p><p>Digitization of a savings group can make its transactions more secure, convenient, and transparent. It can also help minimize the overall expenses of a savings group.</p><p>Digitization can also benefit savings group as it can allow them to reach out to the people who are not yet familiar with their financial services. It can also create a new generation of customers by using a platform and a medium that is familiar to them.</p><p>Mobile money transactions also help save members’ time and energy by allowing them to collect or repay their money anytime. They can also avoid the risk of carrying out physical transactions with other group members. As a result it will create a positive customer experience for everyone.</p><p>An innovative and strong digital platform would also be able to combine numerous savings groups with similar group savings strategies. Members on the platform will also have access to their personal digital wallets, where they will be able to collect and disburse funds straight into the savings group's mobile wallet.</p><p>The members can also leverage this digital platform or application to request for loans. Once the loan is approved, the amount can be disbursed through mobile money transfer. Similarly, members can also repay their loans via mobile payments. Apart from withdrawals deposits, and loans, many other services can also be added in on the digital platform like an online marketplace, blogs, newsletters and reports</p>

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1 week ago

Make sure your members are participants and have a voice .Member participation is essential for effective and efficient governance. All members should have a voice in the decision-making process either directly, or through the organs that represent them. Such participation should be free of intimidation, duress or undue influence.</p><p>The different organs and officials shall endeavor to reach a consensus agreement on all matters critical to the SACCO’s operations. This will be achieved through a participatory approach, transparent systems and operations, and full accountability to all members. People in power should be open to different points of view.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>2) <strong>Transparency and accountability is key</strong><br>All processes, decisions and relevant information should be transparent and accessible to all those concerned. Governance organs should hold regular meetings regarding the SACCO’s affairs. In this respect, the Board/Committee and its Sub-Committees should meet at least once a month, while the General Meeting should be held at least once a year and in any case not later than 3 months following the close of the SACCO’s financial year. For issues that require special resolution, like changing bylaws, all members should be invited.<br>Similarly, the Supervisory/Audit Committee should meet regularly to provide effective supervision of the SACCO’s operations and general business.<br>A well run SACCO also has the decision makers accountable to immediate supervisors, higher organs and the members.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>3) Be efficient and effective&nbsp;</strong><br>The SACCO’s governance organs should have policies, processes and procedures that produce results that meet the needs of members. This will help the SACCO’s resources be used efficiently.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>4) Focus on your SACCO’s growth and your members&nbsp;</strong><br>Governance organs should aspire to focus their efforts on SACCO growth, both in size and operations. Continued growth will eventually result into the SACCO’s survival and sustainability in the long term.<br>All members should have equal opportunity to benefit from the SACCO’s services. The members should feel like they’re being treated fairly at all times without discrimination</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>5) Have a digital platform to help with the above&nbsp;</strong><br>SACCO’s have multiple functions that they need to regulate efficiently and monetary transactions to record. A digital platform helps a SACCO provide transparency and visibility to all members while also providing information on the daily activities inside the SACCO. A digital platform should allow a SACCO to disburse loans, make reports, collect fines and fees, add new members, payment of shares and provide many other features. It should also be accessible via web platform or app so that all members can use it at any time.

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1 week ago

Before we talk about Why it’s easier to opt for a whitelabel solution, let’s first understand what is a whitelabel? A whitelabel solution is a customized version of an existing platform into your preferred look and feel, branding in other words. Why is a White Label Solution easier than building your own? Instead of reinventing the wheel, going through trial and errors, wasting precious time and money, a lot of brands choose the White Label Solution. Building a customized solution from scratch in an attempt to meet the exact specifications of your business can be a setup for failure. Very few companies can afford their own solution development from scratch. Using a ready-made software allows partners to launch their own brand based on existing technology, taking into account all the high standards and originality of the industry. All technical issues associated with White Label platform development, as well as further support and maintenance, are entirely outsourced to the White Label company. As a result, the brand receives the product which is made in accordance with technical requirements set before implementation. So put in mind that: It’s Quick and Easy Keeps your customers happy And most of all saves time and money.

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